A lamp for those nights you aren't in the woods.

Warning: may attract bears.

Meet CAMPLAMP, "A lamp for those nights you aren't in the woods".

It's Wednesday. Where would you like to be right about now? If you are like us you would enjoy being in the woods, on a hike, and camping this evening. Too bad it's Wednesday and you have work tomorrow...

CAMPLAMP was WFOUR Kickstarter project with the goal of putting smiles on faces across the country. Camping is awesome and CAMPLAMP is here to remind you of those awesome adventures that welcome you when the weekend arrives!

Laser cut and machine bent aluminum top w/ powder coat finish, solid hardwood base, cloth cord, brass and black hardware.

Interested in a CAMPLAMP? We are currently in the process of making a few small changes and starting our first small production run this summer. We will be launching CAMPLAMP on a boutique retail shelf near you this fall/winter, 2015.

Please send us an email for more information and retailer requests.